My name is Savo Djuric and I am from Belgrade, a beautiful city on the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, an ex-Yugoslav republic.

Among many things I am a musician and a programmer. Those are the topics I will be writting the most about in my blog, but it is not impossible that someday soon I will write an article or two about other things I do in life.

Most of my life I was interested in computers and knew pretty well how to use them and one way or another managed to fix any problem that arose. But in my younger days I never picked up programming. I started to get little into it back in 2013. but it wasn’t until 2016. that I started to learn seriously for a longer period of time on almost daily bases. I do my work on NixOS distribution of linux operating system, and that’s when I realized that there aren’t many posts online about NixOS, especially if you’re a noob like me. Since I solved most of the things that were bugging me by finding parts of information online and working it out myself I realized that it will be a good thing to write about my experiences partly because if I forget how I did something I can read about what I did when I had the problem last time, and partly because there could be others like me out there, who need help with similar problems. That’s why I decided to start writing blog posts.

Feel free to leave comments on my posts, maybe telling me if something could be done better? Anyway, hope you like it and that you can find information that is useful, or at least interesting.

More information comming soon…